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Grandfather Mountain North Carolina

Grandfather Mountain is the second highest peak east of the Mississippi, rising 5,964 feet and donning a distinctive, trademark silhouette of an old man lying on his back, perhaps sleeping or taking in the beauty of the High Country sky. The Grandfather Mountain profile also features what looks like a long beard and prominent nose. Grandfather Mountain North Carolina is among the oldest rock formations in the world and has been drawing visitors to its high perch in the High Country for years. It is the heart of the High Country, due to its landmark iconic profile and natural splendor. Located off of the Blue Ridge Parkway at Milepost 305, Grandfather Mountain has numerous hikes and day activities for the whole family. A and W Rentals features many great Grandfather Mountain cabins.

The most thrilling walk in the High Country is across the Mile-High Swinging Bridge. The 220-foot suspension bridge sits atop Grandfather Mountain's Linville Peak and spans an 80-foot chasm! Grandfather Mountain North Carolina also hosts wildlife habitats of seven animals native to the High Country. Unlike a zoo, these environmental habitats preserve the natural habitats of black bears, river otters, cougars, bald eagles, golden eagles and white-tailed deer, all native to the Grandfather Mountain area.

Grandfather Mountain North Carolina has 11 hiking trails to choose from, each varying in difficulty and most offering a fantastic view. The 16 distinct ecosystems of Grandfather Mountain are highly protected and in all, 70 endangered species are found on Grandfather Mountain NC. The United Nations declared Grandfather Mountain an International Biosphere Reserve to protect its biological significance.

Grandfather Mountain
PO Box 129
2050 Blowing Rock Highway
Linville, NC 28646

Visitors to Grandfather Mountain North Carolina during the month of July usually have something other than the beautiful vistas and rare ecosystems in mind. Each year the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games are held on the McRae Meadows near Linville NC. The 54th Grandfather Mountain Highland Games will be held from July 9-12, 2009. Grandfather Mountain Highland Games is a gathering of Scottish Clans, Scottish enthusiasts, and those just looking for a grand time to watch piping, drumming, athletic achievement, music, dancing and Gaelic culture. Included in the Highland Games Grandfather Mountain is the Bear Run, a five-mile foot race that climbs 1568 feet in elevation from the town of Linville to the top of Grandfather.

If you can't make it to the Grandfather Mountain Games, fall in the High Country unfurls exquisite beauty through the changing leaves. Contact A and W Rentals to learn about our Grandfather Mountain cabins. We have many to choose from and you are sure to make the most of your High Country vacation when you sleep at the foot of Grandfather!

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