Land Of Oz Theme Park - Beech Mountain NC  
Land Of Oz Theme Park - Beech Mountain NC

Autumn sets the Blue Ridge Mountains ablaze with magnificent fall colors. Photographers and hikers will love this time of year. The first weekend in October also brings "Autumn at Oz Festival" to Beech Mountain.

The dream of Jack Pentes, a visionary alongside of Grover Robbins in the Carolina Caribbean Corp., which spearheaded Tweetsie Railroad and Beech Mountain, the Land of Oz Theme Park was created for children and families visiting Beech Mountain. The theme park employed local talent and craftsmen which, in addition to the ski resort, was instrumental in creating jobs for the area. It was a grand dream and was done in a grand fashion. OZ exceeded everyone's expectations of success.

The Land of Oz Theme Park operated from 1970 to 1980, when the park could not keep up with costs and the economy. The property reverted back to its owners, and in 1990, Emerald Mountain development, a 450 acre project, was built where the Land of Oz once operated.

The Emerald Mountain development grew up and around the former Land of Oz Theme Park, but, in 1992, Emerald Mountain property owners cooperated with organizers to bring about the first Autumn at Oz Festival. The festival was a huge success. Though the festival is not as extensive as the park once was, over the past 15 years, the Autumn at Oz Festival has brought back the Wizard of Oz characters and scenes and has restored the enchanting private garden, Dorothy's farm, gazebos, fountain, pond, waterfall, and the yellow brick road. Each year, proponents of Autumn at Oz Festival attempt to bring back an original part of the Land of Oz Theme Park, like the authentic Wizard of Oz balloon. The Oz Museum has seen a big change, with new artifacts and memorabilia appearing each year.

Visitors to the Autumn at Oz Festivals can take a nostalgic stroll down the Yellow Brick Road, with or without children, and enjoy the performances of the original cast. Dorothy interacts with guests in her blue and white dress and red slippers. All the Oz characters, including Aunt Em, Uncle Henry and Glenda the Good Witch are in attendance. It's quite a thrill to go "off and see the wizard," skip along the Yellow Brick Road, pass through Munchkinland, and say hello to the Lion while dodging the flying monkeys.

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